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Where To Eat When Traveling To Shanghai?

You are interested in Where To Eat When Traveling To Shanghai? right? So let's go together look forward to seeing this article right here!

Shanghai has a vast range of restaurants catering not only to local palettes, but also serving dishes from all over China and all over the world. If you want to eat it you can probably find it in Shanghai! This page covers the best places where to eat when traveling to Shanghai. For other tastes and restaurant styles click below.

Best Restaurants Where To Eat When Traveling To Shanghai


Shanghai Surprise - Ultraviolet - Where To Eat When Traveling To Shanghai

As Shanghai’s only three-Michelin-star restaurant, high-concept Ultraviolet takes experimental and experiential dining to a whole new level. The dining experience starts from the moment you are collected from a meeting point and taken to a secret location – a windowless room with nothing but a long table set for 10 guests. You are then immersed in a multi-sensory feast, centring on the unusual taste combinations of each course. The atmosphere is driven by music, smells and images projected onto the walls. Despite all this fanfare, the star of the show is very much the food. There are 20 courses of culinary alchemy, such as Pop Rock Oyster and Truffle Burnt Soup Bread. Hardcore food-lovers will relish this chance to engage their imaginations as well as their stomachs.

Mon the Bund

A stalwart of the Shanghai fine dining scene, M on the Bund is a consistently reliable place for great food and delicious cocktails, served on a rooftop terrace with stunning views of the iconic Lujiazui skyline. Opened in 1999, M on the Bund was one of the first restaurants to set up in the-then underused colonial buildings of the area. Under the helm of Australian restaurateur Michelle Garnaut, M led the Bund’s renaissance. Other restaurants soon followed, turning the area into the glamorous dining and shopping district it is today. Nowadays, M is still immensely popular for its eclectic menu that combines European, North African and Australian flavours. The weekend brunch is particularly good, offering the famous M pavlova: a gargantuan pile of sweet crunchy meringue, topped with masses of whipped cream and tropical fruit. Delicious and decadent.

Jesse Restaurant

jesse | Chow & The City

Tiny, French Concession-based Jesse Restaurant (sometimes lovingly referred to as Old Jesse) is a Shanghai institution, known as much for its surly service as its fantastic local food. Go-to dishes include the red braised pork, sauteed river shrimps and lion’s head meatballs. While the restaurant might not be the most tourist-friendly place (there’s very little English to help you navigate your order) don’t be put off – Untour Shanghai have put together a handy ordering guide so you can dine just like a local. That includes preferably going with a large group and ordering a wide variety of dishes. Booking ahead is also recommended if you can.

Shanghai Oriental Pearl Revolving Restaurant

Located on top of Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Oriental Pearl Revolving Restauran is considered to be the highest one in Asia, with its unique spectacle, outstanding cuisine and leisurely environment it is open to be a giant in Shanghai. Hundreds of Chinese and western food are placed on marvelously decorated buffet tables, alluring landscape is revolvingly changed per two hours, it definitely leaves you a deep impression while dining there.

Jade On 36

Creations | Jade on 36 | Where To Eat When Traveling To Shanghai
Where To Eat When Traveling To Shanghai

Jade on 36, on the 36th floor of a five-star hotel called Shangri-La Hotel, is located at No.33 Fu Cheng Road, Pudong New Area. The chief chef in this restaurant is a Frenchman. Ranging from the environment to dishes, Jade on 36 is a symbol of top grade. Inside the restaurant, there are decorations of emerald glass and purple-colored interior leather, making the restaurant looks gorgeous.

On one side of the restaurant, the view of the Bund will take you back to the 1930s, when Shanghai was known as the “Oriental Paris”. On the other side of the restaurant, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower and the high-rises in Lujiazui financial business district, constantly remind you of the fact that the current Shanghai has opened a new chapter. Exquisite dishes, exceptional design and the breathtaking landscape, will leave you special feelings.

Especially at night, when enjoying the night view of the Bund from distance, you may feel that you are standing on the most prosperous land in the world. It can be said that tourists can experience an unusual visual and gustatory venture at Jade on 36.

Jeju Izakaya

A Korean-style Japanese izakaya with influences from all over and a sort of research mandate designed to benefit the parent company’s other, bigger restaurants, Jeju Izakaya is a small (eight seats) but perfectly formed eccentricity, with great food. Reservations can only be made through WeChat, China’s ubiquitous text-messaging program.

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