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When you obtain full health and financial protection from the Domestic or International Travel Insurance package, your trips with family, friends, or alone will be more complete and pleasant. Let’s explore with Bigtipsz 6 basics about AAA travel insurance!

1. About AAA travel insurance


AAA Insurance was founded in 2005 in Vietnam as a non-life insurance firm. This was the first firm in the non-life insurance industry to establish a Call Center in 2007, and the Global Travel Insurance product was introduced in 2006.

AAA Insurance has 51 branches and 100 transaction offices around the country after 17 years in the business. AAA Insurance officially joined Bamboo Capital Group (BCG) in December 2021, becoming one of Vietnam’s premier multi-industry organizations with over 30 member firms and affiliates.

The AAA Insurance Joint Stock Company created and offers AAA Travel Insurance, a non-life insurance product. Customers who require insurance for local or international travel for themselves or their families are eligible for the program. Customers who purchase AAA travel insurance will be helped to cover expenses that arise from loss caused by unlucky risks encountered when traveling, such as: accident, illness, illness, loss or damage to personal luggage, flight cancellation or delay, or missing flight. and legal obligations when in other nations that fall under the purview of the insurance contract.

2.AAA travel insurance: features and advantages

  • Customers are covered for a wide range of risks, including those involving persons, property, and service mishaps that may arise while traveling.
  • In the case of global travel insurance, coverage begins when immigration processes into Vietnam or the insured’s home country are complete and expires when they are. and from the moment of departure to the conclusion of the trip at the location and time specified in the insurance policy (for domestic travel insurance).
  • In accordance with the kind of individual, family, or group policy, customers engage in insurance.
  • Customers have the freedom to select insurance packages, insurance plans that meet their needs, and a charge that is appropriately calculated.
  • Travel in Vietnam as well as other areas and nations across the world is covered by the product’s extensive coverage area.
  • Vietnamese, foreigners traveling to Vietnam, and foreigners living in Vietnam are all covered.
  • When customers sign an annual travel insurance contract, the maximum trip length allowed by AAA is up to 184 days, or a full year of coverage.

3. Classification of AAA travel insurance

AAA travel insurance

The following items now make up the category under which AAA travel insurance falls:

  • When traveling from Vietnam to other countries across the world, Vietnamese and foreigners between the ages of 6 weeks and 70 are eligible for AAA Global Travel Insurance.
  • Foreigners going to Vietnam without insurance are eligible if they are under the age of 70 and visiting the country to visit, see friends or family, attend international conferences, seminars, or congresses, participate in sports or the performing arts, or work.
  • Vietnamese nationals who travel domestically and stay in hotels or guesthouses, go on vacation, go swimming, or climb mountains are covered by the AAA domestic travel insurance program.
  • Travel insurance for Vietnamese: The trip itinerary must originate in Vietnam, and it is available to both Vietnamese and foreigners between the ages of 6 weeks and 70.

4. Subjects of AAA travel insurance

The insurance coverage provided by AAA travel insurance is varied; each plan is applicable to a specific category of insured items. the following:

AAA Global Travel Insurance: Vietnamese and foreigners from 6 weeks old to 70 years old.

Insurance for foreigners traveling to Vietnam:

  • Foreigners entering Vietnam to visit, visit friends, relatives, attend international conferences, seminars, congresses, sports competitions, art performances, work.
  • People residing in Vietnam such as experts, workers, students, people working in diplomatic missions, international organizations when traveling within the territory of Vietnam.
  • Age not more than 70 years old.

Domestic AAA travel insurance: People with Vietnamese nationality go sightseeing, vacation, swim, climb mountains… or stay at hotels, guest houses within the territory of Vietnam.

Insurance for Vietnamese people traveling abroad: Vietnamese and foreigners from 6 weeks old to 70 years old.

5. The cost of AAA travel insurance

AAA creates travel insurance premiums based on parameters such as insurance type, insurance policy type (individual, group, family), travel duration, number of persons traveling, location trip destination (domestic or international), and the insurance program selected by the client…. AAA travel insurance premiums are typically determined using the following formula:

Premium = premium rate x insurance amount x number of days covered.

Fees are determined by the Ministry of Finance’s approved premium schedule. The AAA insurance company maintains the right to collect additional costs if the trip is prolonged without the customer’s knowledge. insurance or desire to be covered if they survey, explore, conduct risky stunts, race vehicles, horse racing, boat races, engage in professional sports such as football, boxing, mountain climbing, windsurfing, etc.

6. How to Purchase AAA travel insurance

Customers just need to prepare comprehensive information about the insured person, travel excursion, and so on in order to get AAA travel insurance.

  • For assistance, dial 1900545435.
  • Fill out the details on the AAA travel insurance claim form directly (according to the form of AAA company)
  • Payment of insurance premiums
  • The AAA insurance company will confirm the insurance claim and provide the Certificate of Insurance in the form of receipt that the customer has selected (E-Certificate of Insurance by email or by post).

Above is some basic information about aaa travel insurance. hope you find it useful. Have a good day!

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