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Best Coffee Shops In Marseille

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An oft sun-soaked city flanked by the Mediterranean, Marseille is a multicultural metropolis with a history spanning 26 centuries. It is also the birthplace of the first café in France – a heritage that lives on today in the best coffee shops in Marseille. Best Coffee Shops In Marseille Coogee …

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The Best Beaches In Marseille

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Nestled in southern France on the Mediterranean Sea, Marseille is famously known as France’s sunniest city. On average, it gets over 2,900 hours a year of rays—making it an ideal destination for beachgoers and water sports enthusiasts alike.  While they don’t enjoy the acclaim of French Riviera favorites like Saint-Tropez or Nice, the best …

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Luxury Hotels In Marseille, Canada


When looking for reasons to visit Marseille, France’s oldest city has no shortage of answers. From Notre Dame de la Garde to the old port, this Mediterranean city is filled with history and culture, perfect for exploring. With so much to discover, you’re going to need a superb starting point for your …

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Best Restaurants In Marseille

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Marseille is an exciting food city, thanks to a dining scene that is as diverse as its citizens. Choose from Michelin-star tables, young bistronomy-driven chefs and heritage haunts that have been making couscous and pizzas for more than half a century. With so much on the menu, the best restaurants in …

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Best Things To Do In Marseille, France


Like many ports around the world, Marseille long had a reputation for seediness and crime. And there’s still a scruffiness about the city today, which is no bad thing. It lends Marseille a rakish character and gives it an intoxicating dynamism and color. You can see it all in neighborhoods …

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