Golden Rules For A Live-In Relationship

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The decision to move in together should not be taken lightly for many reasons. Whether it’s a young couple deciding to save money on rent or a longtime unmarried couple raising kids together, legal complications regarding money, property and lease obligations often arise, particularly if the “cohabitation” arrangement goes south. Even if things go well, there are legal complications which can crop up such as whether or not cohabitants can play a part in their partners’ medical or financial wishes in the event of sickness or emergency. Whether you already live with a partner or are considering moving in together, you’ll be well served by learning the legal basics of living together. Below you can find an array of resources –common mistakes to avoid, details on medical and health directives for people living together, tips for unmarried couples raising children while living together and more. Keep reading on for the golden rules for a live-in relationship.

Golden Rules For A Live-In Relationship

Golden Rules For A Live-In Relationship

1. Decide the fine print on finances

The two of you will now be running a house together. Before you move in, sit, and design a plan for financial management. Decide who will take care of which expenses in order to avoid any confusion or chaos once you live together. The rules for a live-in relationship should be put down the moment you move in together.

2. Be clear on why you are taking this plunge

Like marriage, a living-in relationship is a big decision. Take it wisely and not in haste. If you have spent one or more years together, only then think of moving in together. Have clarity on why the two of you want to live in and whether this will lead to marriage at all. This way you don’t move in with false promises and expectations. The rules for a live-in relationship will help you further. A lady wrote to us about how she will never regret her live-in relationship.

3. Sorting out troubles together

Sorting out troubles together

The initial few months of living in would be nothing less than a honeymoon. But once the charm fades, there would be fights, arguments, and irritations. As a couple, you should know how to deal with them calmly. Do not make the mistake of taking a harsh decision and ending it all for a petty fight or disagreement. Learn to kiss and make up to keep the flame of love burning. You can take this quiz on what you and your partner will fight about here.

4. Divvy up the chores

To avoid lots of fights about who does what around the house, Whitman suggest couples sit down and try to agree on how they’ll split the household duties. Start by making a list of everything that needs to be done on a daily, weekly and monthly basis – such as washing dishes, doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, changing the sheets, grocery shopping, paying bills, balancing the checkbook, and taking out the garbage/recycling.

5. Set a timeline for getting engaged

Right now, says Whitman, one or both of you may not be ready to invest (emotionally or financially) in a pair of platinum bands. But if you know that you want to walk down the aisle some time in the not-so-distant future, you may want to set a timeline for getting engaged – or at least engage in a conversation about it.

By creating a time frame for getting engaged or talking about it, you’re clarifying your hopes and expectations – that you’re definitely thinking “marriage” at some point – and ensuring that your partner feels similarly. Doing so may help prevent feelings of insecurity that can make the tiny bumps in your relationship feel more like mountains.

6. Allocate Responsibilities and Live Courteously

Golden Rules For A Live-In Relationship - Allocate Responsibilities and Live Courteously

Once you and spouse have decided to dissolve your relationship, be sure to share household responsibilities while you are living in the same home. Allocate the chores fairly and plan a time to do them. Decide where each of you will sleep, and be considerate of each others’ personal space. In fact, try to think of your ex as a roommate. For instance, wash the dishes that you use, and don’t eat food that the other person purchased. Be mindful of the time that you spend in the bathroom and share the home’s common family areas.

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