Best Things To Do In Prague, Czech Republic

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Take a few steps away from Prague’s most famous attractions and a world brimming with cutting-edge culture opens up to the curious traveler. Industrial and military buildings have been repurposed as entertainment and nightlife destinations, while further-out residential neighborhoods are drawing more and more visitors with thriving annual festivals and other first-rate arts initiatives. Their parks also offer some of the city’s very best views… and more than just a spot of natural inner-city beauty. So it really is worth traipsing beyond the Old Town, if only to get away from the hordes (and breathe in some fresh, unpolluted air). Here’s how to get the most out of the city as it is right now – the best things to do in Prague, from the obvious to the obscure.

Best Things To Do In Prague

Explore Prague’s Old Town

25 Best Things to Do in Prague (Czech Republic) - The Crazy Tourist

To take in some of Prague’s most well-known landmarks, spend an afternoon wandering through the medieval streets of the Old Town. While almost inevitably crowded with tourists, Old Town Square is not to be missed. The majestic Church of Our Lady before Týn – known for its Gothic twin spires – looms above the square; be sure to pop inside to admire its impressive Baroque interior. Also on the square is the Prague Orloj, the oldest astronomical clock still in operation, dating back to 1410. From here, follow the narrow, cobbled streets to the famous Charles Bridge, where you’ll be able to pick up souvenirs from the vendors that line the riverside and the bridge itself.

Attend a black light theatre performance

Black Light Theater IMAGE, Fascinating Non Verbal Show, Pantomime, Music,  Dance 2021 - Prague

As the home of black light theatre, Prague is the ultimate place to enjoy one of these impressive performances; black light theatre combines bright costumes and UV lights with a pitch-black set, creating a spectacular optical illusion. The performances tell stories using only movement and music, so there is no need to worry about the show getting lost in translation. Classics such as Alice in Wonderland or Don Quixote are retold in this unique style at Ta Fantastika theatre, while Divadlo Metro shares some of its secrets in interactive workshops following their performances.

See the city from up high

Visit Prague: What to See in Prague in 3 Days

For the best views of Prague’s famous landmarks, head to higher ground. Prague Castle, Petřín Hill and the Vyšehrad complex all offer breathtaking panoramic views of the city. Photographers will get great shots of the Old Town from the Prague Castle area and Letná Park, while Petřín Hill and Vyšehrad provide stunning cityscapes and views of the castle itself.

Visit the Prague castle

DSCF3648 f18cc25d2d5143988d2b0ac8f9d84714

Spend a few hours wandering around the gorgeous Prague Castle. According to Guinness World Records, the Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world and if I might add one of the prettiest! The Prague Castle covers an area of 45 hectares.

Try and be there for the changing of the guard’s ceremony, which occurs daily at noon local time. If you only have 3 days in Prague or less, we’d suggest visiting the Prague Castle on day 1 as you won’t want to miss it.

Drink s pint on a Pragua beer tour

Prague Beer Tour – Brews & Views with Eating Prague

Raise a pint or five of tasty Czech beers! The best way to explore the Prague beer scene is by joining in on a Prague beer tour. Let a local Prague guide bring you to local microbreweries and famous bars serving up some of the best Czech beers.

We joined in on a 3-hour UNLIMITED beer tour in Prague complete with some local snacks to soak up some of the alcohol.

There are over 600 bars and over 100 nightclubs in Prague, so you’ll never have a boring night in Prague.

Eat a giant pork knuckle


The sound of a giant pork knuckle may not sound good but trust me it is. Make sure not to eat a few hours before sitting down to a giant pork knuckle in Prague. The meal is of great value and huge. One of the best places in Prague for pork knuckle is the restaurant Mlejnice, they have two locations.

Check out Prague’s irreverent art

Prague Statues

Scattered all around the city are large pieces of art that give hints to Prague’s rebellious and unique spirit. Artist David Černý is responsible for a number of the larger than life pieces that poke fun at social norms and political issues. To see all of his works you can take a sculpture tour around Prague.

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