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Best Coffee Shops In Saint Petersburg

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Culture, architecture, and a fantastic food scene attract flocks of tourists to this Russian city each year. Enjoy the best of what St.Petersburg has to offer, sitting in one of our favorite cafe spots, soaking up the atmosphere, and taking in the magnificent architecture all around. Here is our list of the best coffee shops in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Best Coffee Shops In Saint Petersburg

1. Bandit Coffee Co.

Bandit Coffee Co. in St. Petersburg

Bandit Coffee Co. is a trendy coffee shop with delicious brews in an airy and open atmosphere. Whether you’re meeting a friend to catch up or looking for a contemporary spot to open your laptop, Bandit is a prominent spot. They have a great menu with everything from lattes, espresso, pour overs and more, that are brewed from single-origin roasts; delicious and fresh. They also have seasonal items which are pictured above from their Autumn menu. If you love their coffee so much, you can take a bag (or 2) home with you for purchase.

2. Banyan Cafe and Catering on Central

Banyan Cafe & Catering changes ownership • St Pete Catalyst

Banyan Cafe reminds me of a neighborhood coffee shop. The vibe is charming, cozy and welcoming which is pleasing to escape the sometimes chaotic Central Ave. They make a delicious mocha latte, along with other coffee and teas, and they have an entire breakfast and lunch menu. Try the waffles, you can thank me later!

3. Black Crow Coffee Shop

Black Crow Coffee Shop is a true hidden gem, located in historic Old Northeast surrounded by houses and brick roads. From the local art hanging on the walls to the delicious coffee and pastry options, the entire atmosphere expresses St. Pete. They recently opened a second location in the Grand Central District that displays a similar quirky and creative vibe. They offer a variety of craft coffee options like pour-overs, cold brews, chai lattes, as well as an entire cafe dolce menu (flavored coffee). Snag a pastry and soak up this St. Pete shop with a vanilla cold brew.

4. Espresso Bike

Espresso Bike coffee bar in St. Petersburg

Espresso Bike initially sold their coffees on a bike in front of a shopping mall. Now, they have traded in their bike for an actual space and this space is full of wonderful character that makes the coffee-drinking experience here from great to amazing.

The coffees here are seriously good and they roast their beans from two Russian roasters. Try their fantastic cold brew!

5. Bonch

Bolshe Coffee is one of the bigger players in the specialty coffee scene in St.Petersburg thanks to their forward-thinking owners. The passion and dedication for making and perfecting coffees here are felt in the roasting of their beans down in-house.

Grab a cup of espresso and enjoy outdoors in their colourful outdoor seating area.

6. Cafe Singer

Located on the second floor of this stunning example of art nouveau architecture, Cafe Singer is one of the best coffee shops in Saint Petersburg which has seasonal menu offers a fusion of European and Russian cuisine. The building itself is a Petersburg landmark and the delicious sweet treats here are a perfect accompaniment to the coffee. You’ll find all kinds of options ranging from Viennese pastries, to tempting French desserts, handmade chocolates and Russian blini(pancakes). The old refined style of the interior gives the cafe great charm and elegance, and the huge windows offer unparalleled views of the city.

7. Biblioteka

Biblioteka | Restaurants & Cafes | St.Petersburg

This fascinating cafe is situated in the heart of St. Petersburg’s historic center. Not simply a coffee house, the multiple floors of Biblioteka (library) are also home to a restaurant, bakery, flower shop, trendy bar, and book store. The cozy cafes, small shops, and flower beds, are designed to give Biblioteka the feel of a buzzing European city street. This fashionable space has enough to keep visitors entertained (there are live music performances), and well-fed, all day long. The food is a delicious mix of hearty breakfasts, healthy sandwiches at lunch time, pastries and cakes with gourmet handmade burgers and dinner-time meals.

8. Books And Coffee – Art Club

Surrounded by shelves upon shelves of books, visitors to Books and Coffee cannot help but get caught up in the culture of the place. Beloved by those lucky few in the know, this coffee shop is one of Petersburg’s best kept secrets. Opened by famous Russian writer Aleksandr Zhitnitsky, Books and Coffee offers visitors the chance to sit quietly and read, peruse the fantastic art in its exhibitions, attend concerts, enjoy cinema screenings, and meet with local artists. A wide range of coffee-based cocktails are available, as well as various literary-themed ice creams such as the Proust and Kafka sundaes.

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