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Best Coffee Shops In Prague, Czech Republic

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The capital of the Czech Republic, Prague is a real hub of culture and history, and is often ranked amongst the most beautiful cities in the world. In terms of its café scene though, not many people know just how many beautiful little coffee shops are scattered across the city, offering excellent espresso (and some delicious Czech beer) along with tasty pancakes and cakes. Here are the best coffee shops in Prague.

Best Coffee Shops In Prague, Czech Republic


Specialty Coffee Prague: 5 Terrific Cafes To Visit | The Travel Quandary

Calling Kafemat a neighborhood espresso bar that seems to attract a lot of young parents with toddlers (one of our lnstagram followers has nicknamed the place „Babymat“) would pay a huge disservice to a humble place that has become a coffee institution with an incredibly consistent output throughout the years. We really can’t remember the last time we had a bad cup of coffee at Kafemat. A small team of seasoned veterans (if you can call people under 35 veterans) have been consistent in turning beans by Square Mile Roasters into great cups of coffee. But then again, this is a neighborhood espresso bar with lots of young parents and toddlers toddling around. If you like a neighborhood feel in your espresso bar, this is it.

Muj Salek Kavy

Můj šálek kávy - Direct Trade kavárna v srdci Karlína

Though this café is located a bit away from the city center (about 10 minutes by tram), it is so enjoyed by its loyal customers that on weekends bookings are essential. Apart from excellent coffee which you can choose your own beans for, they serve sumptuous breakfasts and brunches. Whether it’s traditional English breakfast or delicious whole-wheat pancakes with a topping of choice, it promises to be a wonderful experience. What’s more, the café is situated in a beautiful and quiet, tree-lined street, with tables outside in the summer.

Friends Coffee House (FCH)

As the name suggests, FCH is an ideal place for gathering with friends over a cup of coffee. Situated in New Town (Nove Mesto) area, the café is airy and bright, with space inside. It has a homely interior with lots of pictures, candles, pots and plants, along with a library of its own and a little fountain. More than that, it offers locally roasted coffee with tasty sandwiches and cakes.

Tout va Bien

Five Cosy Prague Cafes you Should Know About – Oko! Magazine

Tout va bien is not a place where you go to get nerdy about coffee, and talk to the barista about how you fold that damn Chemex filter to get an even flow or whatever. You go to Tout va bien to just chill and relax, because it is hard not to: Riana and her friend/colleague, the two owners who hail from South Korea, created a space that is can be as calming and relaxing as what I can only guess is a day at a Korean spa (without the painful scrubbing). The space pulls of being minimalist and cosy at the same time – you just enjoy a cup of great coffee, grab one of the high end magazines on display and enjoy the cool sounds of Miles Davis.

Café Lounge

Situated close to the Vltava River, this café is a must for all coffee snobs. It is often hailed as the home of the best coffee in town. It also has a very healthy food selection and a short but enticing wine list for patrons who fancy a glass. If you prefer sitting outside, the café has a quiet terrace garden in its courtyard, which is an ideal place for brunch with family or friends.


Misto is a modern, bright and vivacious light airy space. You’ll be drawn in by the coffee, but soon realise the food menu is what will also keep you coming back. Some brilliantly innovative drinks on the menu for those looking for some variety.

Coffee and Riot

Coffee and Riot is one of the best coffee shops in Prague which serves up coffee by day and booze by night – the perfect combination. They use a shining La Marzocca coffee machine to brew up their delicious beans, which they source from independent roaster.

They constantly rotate their coffees so there’s always something new and exciting to try.

Double B

Double B’s specialities include flavoured coffee creations using homemade syrups as well as exceptional espresso. Their single-origin coffees are some of the best Prague coffee you’ll find in the entire city.

They also hold regular coffee workshops for any caffeine fan who wants to brush up on their bean knowledge.

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