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Best Coffee Shops In Marseille

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An oft sun-soaked city flanked by the Mediterranean, Marseille is a multicultural metropolis with a history spanning 26 centuries. It is also the birthplace of the first café in France – a heritage that lives on today in the best coffee shops in Marseille.

Best Coffee Shops In Marseille


The Best Cafes and Coffee Shops In Marseille

Whether you’re a hot chocolate fanatic or in the market for flavourful slow-brewed coffee – made with an authentic 1965 Faema machine – Coogee will not disappoint. Coogee was founded by Yohan Fisel, a real coffee aficionado, in 2013, and quickly became an institution in Marseille. Everything is home-made and served in stylish yet cosy surrounds: from the brick wall where Fisel hangs up his bike every day to the big soft armchairs and the vintage furniture, the place is reminiscent of Central Perk of Friends fame. In addition to speciality coffees and chai lattes, here you can enjoy a wide array of tempting patisseries, along with build-your-own salads. Anaïs from popular local blog Anaïs et Pedro calls it “the best coffee in Marseille”.

La Caravelle

Formerly a cabaret, this historic bar dating from the ’30s is located on the first floor of the Hotel Bellevue and has become a must-visit in the cité phocéenne. Very music-oriented, the café hosts live concerts every Wednesday and Friday night in the purest jazz tradition. As well as a morning coffee, this is a great place to discover typical Provençal cuisine and enjoy cocktails into the evening – and, if you’re passing by for lunch on a sunny day, its intimate terrace offers stunning views of the Vieux Port (Old Port) and the Basilica Notre-Dame de la Garde.

La Samaritaine (also known as La Sama)

La Samaritaine, Marseille | cityseeker

La Samaritaine is one of the oldest brasseries in Marseille, dating back to 1910. This is where you’ll enjoy one of the most incredible views of the Vieux Port and the Notre-Dame de la Garde (also known as La Bonne Mère among local residents). The café is renowned for its immense cultural diversity – anyone and everyone is welcome here and many different languages can always be heard. La Samaritaine owes its name to the old fountain formerly located next to the café and references the biblical story of the Samaritan woman, whom Jesus speaks to at a well. Though the fountain may be gone, the name still seems suitable for a place where people come to drink – even if today it is more coffee and pastis than water! If you visit La Samaritaine, you’re well placed to enjoy a trip to explore the rocky inlets and sandy creeks of the Frioul Islands – the shuttle boat is just a one-minute walk away.

Fiancée Marseille

If you prefer to pair your coffee with a sweet or savoury treat, add Fiancée to your to-try list. Voted “Marseille’s best brunch” by local bloggers, this coffee shop serves up pancakes, breakfast sandwiches and other breakfast goods every day. For those with a sweet tooth, the chocolate chip cookies are some of the best in Marseille. To remind you that you’re in France, there’s a tasty selection of quatres-quarts (also known as French pound cake). From flat whites to pour-overs, Fiancée uses beans from beloved Paris roaster Coutume Café. Grab a seat on the outdoor patio or in the airy, bright interior, whose minimalist white decor makes every plate pop.


Coffee shop Marseille - Deep - Love spots

Lovely coffee shop with its own roastery serving great coffee and good vibes. We had no problems ordering flat whites even though they’re not on the cool mirror menu on the wall.

While the coffee was one of the best we had in Marseille and the milk was done properly, we had the same thought each time, that maybe the beans used or the roast are not suitable for flat whites. Something didn’t seem to be right but as coffee lovers, not coffee professionals, we couldn’t really tell exactly.

Les Succulentes

This cute as a button coffee shop while walking aimlessly around on our first day in Marseille. To our surprise flat white was on the menu so we ordered one to test it out. The coffee itself was great but milk looked like it was just poured on top without any froth whatsoever. You would definitely want to come back for another one when visit Les Scculentes – one of the best coffee shops in Marseille.

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