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Best Coffee Shops In Edmonton

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Looking for the best coffee in Edmonton? We have you covered, fellow coffee fiends. With the third wave of coffee sweeping across Canada, we wanted to share the very best spots across the city. Nothing stirs early morning debates across the world more than what exactly makes a good cup of coffee and where to have it. It’s also a drink that has the potential to lift the mood, focus the mind and deliver instant happiness. Here are the best coffee shops in Edmonton you should visit.

Best Coffee Shops In Edmonton

1. Coffee Bureau

Coffee Bureau - Best Coffee Shops In Edmonton

ou can sip your favorite cup of joe at this joint, since it provides just the perfect ambience for those quiet mornings when you want to start slow. They offer fair prices for their amazing cups of coffee, as well as a slew of pastries like croissants and bagels, just enough to start the day.

The best part is how quick their services are, so if you’re in a rush, no biggie, just grab what you need and go.

Anyway, the ambience of this place and the great prices put them here as one of our picks for the places with the best coffee in Edmonton.

2. LockStock Coffee

LockStock Coffee is one of those places where the rustic decor is so warm and welcoming that it’s practically inviting you to sit down the moment you arrive. Once you do sit down, you’ll stay even longer for the food.

They have plenty of breakfast offerings, so if you’re ever in Jasper Ave, you can drop by for a good cup of coffee and stuff yourself silly with English muffins. They also offer really good focaccia sandwiches — we especially recommend the roast chicken and BLT.

With incredible offerings as well as a good place where you can soak up whimsy it’s become one of our picks for the places with the best coffee in Edmonton.

3. Transcend Coffee 

Transcend Coffee say that through thick and thin, they have intentionally kept their relationships with the growers and that’s how they able to roast with some of the best beans in the world. The end result in terms of taste is outstanding.

4. Little Brick 

Little Brick 

Little Brick is a charming little cafe and general store that brought history back to life in an old brick house. They have a rotating selection of coffee beans from roasters from the west coast and a hearty range of brunch dishes to go with your cup of joe. Pick up some coffee equipment so you can brew at home.

5. Block 1912

Let’s start off with Block 1912 because I think this one is my all time favorite cafes. It’s located in downtown Edmonton on Whyte ave near a ton of other great shops you can check out so it has a great location. The drinks are amazing. I’ve tried quite a few including their ganache hot chocolate, ganache mocha, apple cider and iced coffee. I love all these drink options and would recommend anyone of them.

6. Cafe Bicyclette

Cafe Bicyclette - Best Coffee Shops In Edmonton

Cafe Bicyclette is a newer Edmonton Cafe we’ve tried and I’m so glad we did. It’s in a french community so if you speak french they do have a french and English menu for you to choose from. I loved their breakfast food so much and will get if over and over again. But they do also have great options for lunch and supper as well. They also have great coffee here too. This coffee shop has outdoor and indoor seating which is great because this coffee shop is in a community center that often has things going on like music performances for you to watch which enjoying your food and coffee.

7. Remedy Cafe

Now lets get into the Remedy Cafe. They have three locations, all of their coffee shops being in the downtown Edmonton area and one of them is right on Jasper ave which is the one I’ve been to the most. Remedy cafe has great drink options as well as savory foods and desserts. One of my favorite things about this cafe is they have a ton of vegetarian and vegan options for food, drinks, and desserts. So if you have a certain diet then Remedy cafe may be the coffee shop for you.

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