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Best Coffee Shops In Brisbane

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Whether you judge a coffee shop by its machine, the length of a barista’s beard, single origin offering or variety of brew methods – let’s face it, Australians are total coffee snobs. When it comes to good coffee, Brisbane knows its stuff and if you hate to be disappointed – stick to the below list and we promise you’ll be in safe, coffee-tamping hands. These are the best coffee shops in Brisbane for you.

Best Coffee Shops In Brisbane

Edward Specialty Coffee

Edward Specialty Coffee - Best Coffee Shops In Brisbane

This specialty coffee nook is what the city’s bean waiting for. Tart, smooth, blackberry notes … you might think we’re talking wine, but Edward Specialty Coffee is brewing complex and unique espresso. Find White Horse Coffee and four origin varietals on rotation in a sophisticated, minimalist space.

John Mills Himself

The first challenge is finding the place. This tiny laneway establishment is a coffee spot by day, bar by night and sits within a historic former printing office. Not settling on one roaster, JMH sources beans from The Single Guys, Coffee Supreme, Marvell St Coffee and Blackboard Coffee. It offers V60 pourover and cold bottled coffee as well as espresso.

Smoked Garage

The Smoked Garage is the head turning motorbike design space and coffee shop. Sipping on espressos with the motorbikes is a tad sexier than being spotted in one of those tight bicycle suit hang outs. Picture a revived ex-warehouse with exposed brick walls, well-worn leather armchairs, custom Racers, Harleys and Commazukis. Two wheel lovers we can already hear you frothing.


Plenty in West End | The Verdict | Urban List Brisbane

Plenty is one of the best coffee shops in Brisbane with a ‘rustic chic’ aesthetic, and boy, does it suit them! The warehouse structure has high ceilings and plenty of space (nothing worse than a cramped café where you can hardly move around), but still manages to maintain a homey feel. You can enjoy a hearty breakfast in the sunshine, or take it indoors to check out the completely stripped back interiors.

Campos Coffee, Wandoo St

The coffee connoisseurs at Campos Coffee  just love finding the ripest little coffee beans and then scoring, cupping and flavour profiling them to perfection (and we equally love the results!). There’s nothing better than wandering down to Wandoo St to sip on their delicious, feel good, fair trade coffee. Campos has funded beautiful projects from community playgrounds to helping young people in Rwanda get access to much needed open heart surgery. Absolute legends!

Morning After

Don’t judge the name, because we have all been there. Fresh, locally sourced eats, refreshing fruit elixirs and piping hot coffee from Morning After will quickly put those hangover toxins at bay! Combine that with stunning morning light, greenery and fresh white brickwork, and you’re quickly distracted from any morning headaches you might be nursing!

Wolff’s coffee roasters

Best Coffee Shops In Brisbane - Wolff's coffee roasters

Can’t tell a cappuccino from a latte? Don’t be ashamed, Wolff’s roastery cafe Big Bad Wolff is here to help with approachable coffee for everyone in the renovated warehouse space. Looking to become a roaster yourself? They offer all the equipment you need to get started.


Situated a stone’s throw from Milton train station, this hole-in-the-wall coffee shop retains the name of its original intended use. But instead of hiding from artillery and falling bombs, Bunker brews sensational specialty coffee in Brisbane. We visited Bunker late in the morning on a Saturday on a blistering spring day. We opted for a Cuban Iced Latte and batch brew cold drip, the latter emitting a delicious caramel flavour.

Only Specialty Coffee

Tucked underneath an apartment building on Hope Street at the end of Fish Lane, you’ll find the newly opened branch of Only Specialty Coffee in South Brisbane. Limited seating options mean that you’re unlikely to hang around for too long, but the cafe is conveniently located for West End workers en route to the office. Whipping up espresso blends with Five Senses coffee beans, this specialty coffee spot is a good option off the main thoroughfare for Brisbane visitors AirBnb-ing in the area. In our opinion, the coffee is a little on the expensive side, but kudos to the business for setting up a prepaid credit system (e.g. spend $25, receive $35 coffee credit); no doubt a favourable option for the cafe’s regular coffee-goers. You’ll find a sister cafe on Queen Street in Brisbane CBD with a new branch coming soon in Fortitude Valley.

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