Best Coffee Shops In Barcelona

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You can find all kinds of cafés in Barcelona, from the most popular to temples where coffee is practically worshipped. Nowadays there’s a more recent crop of coffee shops in Barcelona that have revolutionised the world of coffee with a first-class product and comprehensive traceability throughout the process that brings the good stuff to us. These are places where you can (learn to) enjoy high-quality and freshly roasted coffee, where fruity and herbal nuances are light years away from the burnt horror you might otherwise be served if you’re not paying attention. Here are the best coffee shops in Barcelona.

Best Coffee Shops In Barcelona, Spain

1. Nomad Roasters’ Home

Nomad Coffee - Roaster's Home - Barcelona, Spain | Best Coffee Shops In Barcelona

This is the speciality coffee shop in Poblenou, where high-end coffee importers and roasters Nomad have installed their headquarters. Part shop, part café and coffee roaster, this is an ideal spot to learn, try and ask. Here they select the beans, toast them and serve them in every way you can imagine, with excellence as a common denominator. Minimalist in decor, the space sticks to bare wood, steel and glass. ‘We teach everything we do,’ says Nomad’s Jordi Mestres. ‘The focus is not on the pictures on the wall, but on how to make and serve coffee.

2. Cafés El Magnífico

Cafes El Magnifico Barcelona – AB Blog

At this coffee shop and roaster that first opened in 1989, you’ll find roasting as well as wholesale and retail sale of single-origin coffees and exceptional blends – in all speciality formats, cold infusion included, and shakerato as well. There’s also an area where you can have an excellent cup of coffee. It’s not cheap, but the high quality of the coffee is worth the extra coins once in a while. The cappuccinos are especially delicious.

3. Onna Coffee

Onna Coffee | Restaurants in Vila de Gràcia, Best Coffee Shops In Barcelona

This cafeteria is a hidden treasure in the lower end of Gracia, run by Anahi Paez. Here you’ll discover a cozy oasis where digital nomads, mothers and toddlers, and hipsters come to drink coffee and enjoy a slice of cake over bit of gossip. Enjoy the steaming shot of a rich and balanced espresso, a milder and milky cappuccino, or one of the newcomers to the menu, the moderate and smoother flat white.

The cafe boasts a Dalla Corte dc pro, Hario v60, Chemex and an Aeropress. In general, the cafe neither subscribes to the Barcelonian-trend of full-strength coffee nor the new fashion for subtlety but prefers a medium roast flavor.

4. Caravelle

CARAVELLE - Best Coffee Shops In Barcelona

It might be the lunch or brunch (probably the best brunch in the city) that first attracts you to this place, but once you get a taste for the coffee you’ll quickly be finding any excuse to come back on a regular basis. Nothing beats food, coffee and chats with friends here for a couple of hours.

5. Satan’s Coffee Corner

Satan's Coffee Corner Barcelona – Best Coffee Shops In Barcelona

It isn’t quite the hellhole you’d think. Instead, you’ll discover the heavenly aroma of freshly roasted beans being ground. Carefully curated magazines, record players, and plants adorn the meticulously designed space. Hipsters mix with the suits and enjoy the start to their day or a break mid-afternoon.

Originally tucked away in a gift shop and then a bicycle store, Satan’s Coffee Corner has now upgraded to a fully-fledged cafeteria in El Gotico. Pour over filter-brews, Aeropress coffee, and creamy lattes and cappuccinos are all on the menu. They serve lighter, milder flavored coffee in contrast to the normal full-strength brews many other cafes favor, but that’s not say it’s any less delicious.

6. SlowMov

SlowMov | Restaurants in Gràcia, Barcelona - Best Coffee Shops In Barcelona

SlowMov is a cafe and a roastery concept store in Gracia part of town, focusing on supplying its customers with local products. Their roasting is tightly connected to the Parisian Coutume Cafe.

At SlowMov they use the same branding, green beans and roast profiles, but the roasting is done by Francois, in Barcelona. You can learn more about SlowMov’s history and current missions on their blog, although it is only in Spanish.

7. Atmans Coffee

We continued our tour of Barcelona at Atmans Coffee, a cafe within a creative kitchen and coworking space, run by Miguel Lamora Bárcena. Miguel is one of the major contributors to the coffee scene in Spain. A champion barista and SCA Spain member, he is one of the most respected coffee people in Spain.

During our visit, Miguel served Right Side Coffee on Aeropress or V60, and his white Aurelia II T3 Nuova Simonelli coffee machine was the heart of the cafe space. COOCCIÓ, the building in which Atmans used to be located, hosts a shared kitchen space for all creative minds. It was also the location of the main presentation day at CoLab: Barcelona.

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