Benefits Of Traveling With Family

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From the beginning of a journey to long after arriving home, traveling with family can be one of the most rewarding adventures you can have together. While travel enables families to form a stronger bond, children also benefit from new experiences and adults gain a greater appreciation for what’s around them. Read on to find out why traveling with family truly is life-enriching and the benefits of traveling with family.

Benefits Of Traveling With Family

Traveling with Family Doesn't Need to Be Stressful

1. It encourages family bonding

One of the benefits of traveling with family is that it can encourage family bonding. Away from life’s everyday distractions and long working hours, families are able to spend uninterrupted time together. Even the simplest experiences, such as a meal, can become cherished memories. Take a look at what travel bloggers, we suggest for keeping everyone happy on the road.

2. It promotes a global education

In recent years, studies have shown that travel benefits children’s education, as well as their ability to adapt socially. Experiencing new cultures often means children are more open minded. Children are also thought to absorb knowledge more effectively through experiential learning, so while trying new cuisines and getting to know local customs, they may even pick up a little of the language. What’s more, travelling responsibly teaches the importance of protecting the environment.

3. Traveling with family is life-enriching

Travel teaches children the importance of making memories and enjoying experiences, rather than wanting possessions. Family adventures promote independence, self-confidence and interpersonal skills. Days spent hiking through the mountains and swimming in the sea, promote an active lifestyle and appreciation of the outdoors. Finally, travel inspires children and gives them new ideas and fresh perspectives which can be used throughout their life.

4. Family Trips Can Be Educational

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Travel can expose us, especially the kids, to new places, cultures, people and things. What we see and experience defines our perception of the world. Going out of our comfort zones to see different people, admire new natural environments, experience a variety of food or even learn a new language goes a long way in helping to reshape how we view the world. Also the kids will learn interesting facts about the places you visit, like the history of a place like England and the Queen.

5. Vacations Reduce Stress for the Entire Family

Parents’ inability to set work aside has significant consequences for kids. A study published in the Journal of Family Psychology found that the more stress parents experience, the less supportive they are when responding to their kids’ negative emotions. And children deal with plenty of their own stress; according to the Travel Association, 8 in 10 children reported experiencing stress daily. Other research shows that stress is on the rise among kids. For example, the American Psychiatric Association’s 2014 Stress in America survey found that teens’ stress levels are higher than adults’.

6. Travel Makes Kids Smarter

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Travel gives kids real-world experience outside the classroom, and kids learn best by doing. While reading books and looking at pictures certainly has its place, nothing beats hands-on experience.

When kids travel, there are all kinds of things to learn. International travel gives them firsthand experience of how others live. They taste the food others eat, encounter another language, and immerse themselves in the sights and sounds of another culture.

7. Travel Teaches Kids to Be More Adaptable

The SYTA study also found that many teachers believe that travel makes kids more adaptable. Travel not only takes us out of our usual routines and comfort zones, but it also forces us to deal with all kinds of unpredictable situations. Some of these situations, such as flight delays or lost luggage, are negative. Others, such as discovering an off-the-beaten-path snorkeling spot or local market, are positive.

Travel is often about going with the flow. When children see how you deal with unexpected situations without losing your cool – or how willing you are to change the original plan when a new opportunity arises – they learn how to adapt and be flexible themselves.

8. Traveling with family creates memories worth remembering

Did we mention already that family travels help create happy memories? Well, maybe not all aspects of the journey may be happy: finger-pointing and blaming when things go wrong (cannot locate the hotel immediately, getting left behind by the shuttle bus or mistake in choosing airline seats) can happen. But in the bigger picture, these tense moments can help family members to form stronger bonding and support each other, thereby relegating such disputes a mere footnote to an otherwise successful trip.

On the lighter side, every photo taken together in front of attractive backdrops will serve as an enduring evidence (thanks to technology) both children and parents love to reminisce.

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